Galateo Animale

Tipologia: Band

Musicisti: 5

Generi: Hard rock, Punk rock, Rock progressive, Metal

Strumenti: Voce, Chitarra elettrica, Basso, Batteria


Almoust Alternative Rock Deconstructed Music Maker Galateo Animale it's a musical project based on the allegories and surreal stories of contemporary human beings. Desecrating an ironic effort to belong to a specific musical genre. The members of the band "GA" share years of experience in different musical projects and the same passion in the search for an original style, grotesque that manages to entertain while maintaining the loud sounds typical of heavy metal.

Edizione attuale

San Faustino, La Torre (Palco) ore 22:00

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(virtuale con contributi digitali)

Osteria Croce Bianca

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